I am a keen advocate of communicating science and engaging with the public through nontraditional channels:
My newest interactive science outreach show, ‘War, Pestilence, Death and ..Statistics?!’ uses games and puzzles to explore where statistics has been interwoven throughout some morbid stories of human history – and why the world may not be as it first appears from the figures.
My other show, ‘A Virus to End Humanity’, was first developed for the Beltane Network’s Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 and has since brought pandemics to public science venues across the UK. The room is quarantined because of the discovery of a new virus and we’ll need the audience’s help as we race to understand where this virus might have come from, whether it could go global, and how we could fight to stay one step ahead. See also the show’s associated teaser, blog interview, and podcast interview. Image © Scott Mooney.
Audiences occasionally have the “pleasure” of hearing me perform stand-up comedy at Bright Club about disease, transmission and our intimate relationship with animals. Image © Dan Ridley-Ellis.
During my PhD, I collaborated with artists in residency on their works for ‘Transmissions’, part of ASCUS’ ‘Parallel Perspectives‘ exhibition. I worked closely with Robbie Coleman who told the story of the emergence of SARS coronavirus through textiles, and I was featured in Anne Milne’s short film ‘Scientists Under the Microscope’. Image © Diego Almazán.